Dynamic Care Planning for the present and the future

The Life Care Plan is focused on seeing the patient beyond the point of injury while simultaneously looking forward to the best possible outcome. It means consider the totality of the Patient’s situation.

This includes their needs across multiple medical disciplines and taking into account their financial and vocational situation both before and after the incident. Utilizing a team of specialists across multiple fields, Rehab Care will create an organized and concise plan to address the needs of the Patient, both current and long term.

How does it work:

Our team of specialists evaluate the current status & situation of the patient following a catastrophic injury or illness including

  • Medical Intervention
  • Impact of Medical problems including immediate and foreseeable needs
  • Family & local community resources
  • Psychosocial Status
  • Educational Background
  • Employment History

Short Term Goals

Stabilize & Improve the Medical Situation Including:

  • Functional Level
  • Care Needs
  • Any Preemptive Medical Needs
  • Equipment
  • Therapy
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Family & Patient Education
  • Attendant Care

Long Term Goals

Ensure Patient’s maximum outcome achieved through

  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Additional Necessary Supplies
  • New Health Care Needs
  • Rehabilitation & Therapy
  • Housing
  • Attendant Care

Life Care Plans are a valuable professional service for:


  • Presentation of Economic Damages
  • Settlement Analysis & Recommendations

Insurance Companies & Third Party Administrators

  • Set Reserves (patient and company)
  • Settlement Analysis & Recommendations

Probate Courts

  • Budgeting & Allocation of Resources

Special Needs Trust

  • Planning for long term continuation of the trust


  • Care Planning

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