The cornerstone of your medical expert witness team

We provide dynamic planning for your case seeing today but looking forward to tomorrow. We consider the patient’s situation prior to the life changing event, look at their current medical history alongside other medical expert witnesses and discuss their likely future prognosis. This provides you with an accurate report of expected medical costs across multiple disciplines and discuss the patients’ situation in totality.

Cases we specialize in

-Personal Injury, Product Liability, Medical Malpractice, Toxic Tort & Workers Compensation

-Can be used for settlement conferences & analysis, mediations or arbitrations

-We work with Plaintiff & Defense, from children to elderly

Where we cover: The entire United States and its territories as well as the Caribbean

What does a life care plan consist of?

    • A review of the patient’s needs throughout their life coordinated with your other medical expert witnesses which include:
      • Surgeries
      • Therapy
      • Doctor’s Visits (including specialists)
      • Attendant Care
      • Medication & Medical Equipment
      • Housing or Home/Living Modifications
      • Local Resources
      • Specialists like Case Managers and attorneys
    • Each patient need will include:
      • Initial costs to set up the patient
      • Initial visit and follow up appoints for all doctors
      • Any expected medical procedures or surgery costs
      • Monthly cost for medication
      • Yearly costs for all specialists
      • Cost to replace medical equipment every few years
    • Why is it right for your case?
      • Accurate explanation of Patient needs
      • Increases the effectiveness of your other medical expert witnesses by showing a unified care plan
      • Justified request for damages ensuring the patient is well taken care of moving forward

Life Care Plans are a valuable professional service for:


  • Presentation of Economic Damages
  • Settlement Analysis & Recommendations

Insurance Companies & Third Party Administrators

  • Set Reserves (patient and company)
  • Settlement Analysis & Recommendations

Probate Courts

  • Budgeting & Allocation of Resources

Special Needs Trust

  • Planning for long term continuation of the trust


  • Care Planning

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7851 Mission Center Court
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