Life Care Planning Process

With over thirty years in business and thousands of clients, there are many things that have defined the work of RCC. An element is our empathy, with both client and family. Another is our focus on the well-being of the individual above all else. A major component involves our fantastic team of hard working and knowledgeable employees.  And of course, there is our excellent work product and service.

As important as they are, what makes the RCC way successful is our process. And our process for all our services begin with a free phone consultation. From there it depends what you need:

Life Care Planning Process

For our life care planning clients, we will focus on the creation of a dynamic and comprehensive document for your legal case.

First, we will review all of the individual’s medical records and speak with other medical experts to determine what the individual needs in the short and long term across all medical specialties. We will also attend and review any medical examinations performed by experts on both sides.

Next, we will begin researching options and costs for those needs wherever they are located, all the while maintaining constant communication with the other experts to ensure this plan evolves as needed.

Throughout the process you will be updated regularly and made aware of any changes based on the discussions of your experts. And finally, if needed, we will prepare our entire case file, life care plan and experts for deposition and/or trial.

Case Management Process

For our case management clients (including private families, transitional, insurance and workers compensation), first we will meet with the individual and family to conduct a home assessment.

Next, We will review their situation across the spectrum ranging from medical needs, equipment, caregivers, benefits, housing options and non-medical specialists such as attorneys and fiduciaries.

Once that is completed, we will begin the management of their care. This includes applying for all viable benefits, ordering medical supplies and equipment, meeting with potential caregivers and arranging regular medical and therapy appointments.

Lastly, RCC will be in regular communication to ensure that you are up to date on all ongoing matters.

Home Assessment Process

If you are looking for a home assessment, it involves a comprehensive review of the individual’s medical situation.

Home assessment is done by reviewing medical records and speaking with their Medical Specialists and Doctors. We will also discuss the current living situation with the family, specifically related to where they live, what sort of care are they getting at home, and what kind of benefits they are receiving.

Finally, our team will visit the individual at their home, meeting with the family and assessing the situation firsthand.

Once those steps are completed, we will write an assessment report outlining the individual’s situation and our recommendations.

Our approach and process for each of our specialties has won us awards and accolades, but most importantly it has helped thousands of individuals arrive at their best possible outcome. Let RCC’s process work for you today.

Image of RCC CEO, Doreen Casuto

The success of any treatment option depends on effective communication and consistent follow-through. That’s why Rehabilitation Care Coordination provides unique care coordination services to aide patients in need.