Medical Translation Service

If you can’t understand the needs of the individual let alone their concerns, problems or goals moving forward if you don’t speak their language. Let RCC help you avoid this with our team of translators and bilingual staff.

Care, in any language

 Rehabilitation Care Coordination has an on-staff team of Spanish translators to assist our nurses and staff to meet our patient’s needs so that communication is direct and clear for each step of the process.

Translation services are routinely used for:

  • Physician Appointments
  • Therapy Appointments
  • Treatments
  • Community Programs
  • Transitioning into the Community
  • Residential Assessments
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Questions via phone or e-mail

Translation services for other languages are available on request.

Testimonials for Translations

RCC Families - FPO image
It’s so rewarding, what we do. At the end of the day, you feel like you accomplish something and you’ve helped someone.
— Norma Avalos, Office Manager – Rehabilitation Care Coordination

The success of any treatment option depends on effective communication and consistent follow-through. That’s why Rehabilitation Care Coordination provides unique care coordination services to aide patients in need.