This must be a very difficult time for you. What you’re going through will change the lives of you and your family forever. But even during this period, there are some key things to know.

Know that you’re not the first to go through this situation.

Know that there is support for you.

Know that there are options to meet your needs.

Know there is a best possible outcome out there for you.

And know that you’re not alone.

Life Care Plans and Working with You

We at RCC have been providing support and guidance to individuals like you for over 30 years. Working with us, you’ll find a team of medical professionals, social workers and others focused on helping you reach your goals and your best possible outcome. We will help you get well and work with you to regain your independence.

Though life will be different, it will go on. RCC will be there to help.

We offer a range of services, which one of these best fits your needs?

Life Care Planning – I’m dealing with a legal matter and need someone to work with the lawyer and their team.

Case Management – I need a partner dealing with my medical and benefit issues.

Home/Life Assessment – I’d like a review of my current situation and a detailed report on what I need moving forward.

Benefit Coordination – I need help finding, getting access to, and continuing to receive my federal, state and local benefits.

Translation – I have medical appointments and concerns in a language other than English, and need guidance and support.

Transitional Case Management – I am approaching another stage in my life and need to consider what it means not just for myself but for my family.

Testimonials from Individuals

RCC Families - FPO image
Without their help, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to return home. It truly takes a special kind of person to be able to dedicate their time and their life healing other people just for the sake of helping other people.
— Emanuel T.

The success of any treatment option depends on effective communication and consistent follow-through. That’s why Rehabilitation Care Coordination provides unique care coordination services to aide patients in need.