Special Needs Trust Services

Ensuring the patient’s financial and medical needs, now and in the future.

Rehab Care focus on the present and the future medical needs of the Patient.

A trust administrator or fiduciary focus on the present and the future economic needs of the Patient.

Combine the two and the Patient, and their family, can feel secure.

Rehab Care has a long history working with Administrators of Special Needs Trusts. Whether this is with professional administrators who are part of major banks or fiduciaries practicing on their own. If you have one, or would like to start one for someone in your family, let us help you meet the Patient’s needs.

What is a Special Needs Trust (SNT)?

A special needs trust is created by an attorney or other professional to ensure that beneficiaries who are mentally or physically disabled will be able to use public benefits and resources (federal, state and county) for their benefit. A trust may be developed for an individual who lacks the physical and/or mental capacity to oversee their financial affairs or to enable the individual to access government benefits. The administrator may use trust funds to purchase any number of services and goods for the trustee including attendants, medical/dental services, rehabilitation and prescriptions as well as home furnishings, recreational & educational services.

Who Administers A Special Needs Trust?

SNT administrators are trustees who may be family members or professional fiduciaries, operating under strict state court supervision. They are established under Federal law and contain a “safe harbor” provision. This means the assets in the SNT cannot be considered when applying for or continuing public benefits. Public benefits range from Federal (SSI, SSDI, Medicare) to State (Medi-Cal, California Children Services) to County (Regional Centers for the developmentally disabled and County Medical Services).

In the coordination of a Special Needs Trust, your on-site case manager will:

  • Meet with your family
  • Assess the client
  • Verify that all medical issues have been conveyed
  • Act as a liaison between medical practitioners and the trustees and family
  • Verify that the patient/claimant is at an appropriate facility
  • Work with local vendors on planning issues
  • Assist in securing sufficient medical supplies
  • Organize and arrange all aspects of medical procedures and/or surgeries
Image of RCC CEO, Doreen Casuto

The success of any treatment option depends on effective communication and consistent follow-through. That’s why Rehabilitation Care Coordination provides unique care coordination services to aide patients in need.